May 2007

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1. A May Day Celebration 2. Celebrate May History and Events 3. An Afternoon of Cut Throat Euchre 4. Reading of the Classics, Dead Men Tell No Tales by E.W. Hornung 5. Celebrate Cinco De Mayo, the 133th Running of the Kentucky Derby
6. Bible Trivia, Making the Rafters Ring, Spiritual Singing 7. An Afternoon of Edible Paint 8. Life, Times, and Music of Robert Johnson 9. A Visit for the Local Zoo or Humane Society 10. Aroma of the Month Lavender 11. Inter-
generational Day, Stories, Games, Crafts, Food and Fun
12. National Tourism Week 12-20, Armchair Adventure, Destination, Egypt
13. Happy Motherís Day, A Motherís Apron 14. Celebrate National Nursing Home Week 12-19, Theme: Treasure our Elders 15. Life, Times and Art of Jasper Johns, its his birthday 16. Frog Jumping Jubilee, Angel Camp, CA, Facility Frog Jumping Contest 17. The Letter of the Month K its history and word origins 18. The color of the Month Mulberry, Painting with Celery Stalks 19. Out to wet our line, Fishing a local pond, Evening Fish Fry 
20. Church Visits, Weights and Measure Day, Things we measure 21. Fun in the Kitchen with Strawberries  22. Itís a Shoe in Afternoon for National Shoe week 23. Backyard Games week 21-28, A Game of Horseshoes Anyone 24. Community Interaction, Rock-a-Thon for local Food Bank 25. National Tap Dance Day, A Visit for a Tap Dance Teacher, The Occupation of the Month 26. May Ball, Senior Prom, Theme: An Evening in Paris
27. Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines, An Afternoon at the Indy 500 28. Legal Public Holiday Memorial Day, A Prayer Circle for Peace, Memorial Day Parade  29. Animal of the Month, The Pink Flamingo 30. Traditional Memorial Day, Family and Facility Annual Barbecue 31. An Afternoon of Food Art Demonstration

Ethnic Menu of the Month

Kentucky Derby

Mint Julep
Kentucky Derby Franks 
Kentucky Salad
Kentucky Hot Brown
Herby Roasted Potato Wedges
Derby Pie
Black Coffee

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